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  • RXSG Airbox
    MSRP: $495.00

    Introducing the game changing Rx Air Box. The world’s first inflatable plyo box. Cre…

  • RXSG Portable Rx Air Mat

    Rx Air Mat is the world’s first inflatable jump rope training surface. Compact and portable th…

  • Skills Kit

    Rx Jump Cuffs - The Rx Jump Cuffs, cure the most common fault athletes encounter when learning…

  • RXSG Tsunami Bag

    The Rx Tsunami Bag is a water and air filled exercise bag that utilizes active weight with the insta…

  • The Rx Med Ball Cover slips right over your medicine ball with busted seams or torn stitching to give it extended life.
This cover is designed to cover a med ball with a 14in diameter or 43.25in circumference.

    ***NEW AND IMPROVED*** The Patented Rx Med Ball Cover is the world's only solution to extending you…

  • RXSG Skull Mat

    How many times have you dreaded handstand pushups in a workout.  The Rx Skull Mat softens the p…

  • Rx Gym Package
    $399.99 - $709.99

    This is the premier jump rope system for the serious gym owner. Offering 20 fixed length jump ropes …

  • RXSG Jump Cuff Trainers: Enforces proper hand placement for the most efficient jump rope technique

    The Rx Jump Cuffs, cure the most common fault athletes encounter when learning double unders, which …

  • Pry Bar

    RX Pry Bar   The Pry Bar is the latest in the line of common sense functional gym equipment d…

  • Sale
    Rx Smart Rings- Naked
    Was $69.95
    Now: $49.99

    The Rx Multi Grip Rings are a beautiful hybrid of the traditional round ring and the patented Rx Box…

  • RXSG Gym Towel

    In the gym or on the go the RXSG Fitness Co. towel is the perfect size to accommodate your needs it …

  • 3' x 5' Sublimated RXSG Banner

    RXSG Icon Flag Banner Wave your RX Banner with pride to show your community you are passionate abou…

16 of 16 Items