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The Rx Multi Grip Rings are a beautiful hybrid of the traditional round ring and the patented Rx Box Shape ring.  This innovative design breaks the decades old standard of the traditional ring by offering multiple training modalities and progressions.  Made of marine grade, birch plywood and shaped to the industry standard of 1.25” diameter.

Athletes who perform “false grip” muscle ups or strict, non-kipping muscle ups will naturally gravitate towards the Rx Box Shape portion, which covers 50% of the ring’s circumference.  The Box shape design improves the ability to maintain the false grip by increasing surface area and creating a ledge for the wrist to set on.  The angular shape also improves purchase by increasing grip leverage.  This new design will also dramatically reduce the incidents of skin tearing since the wrists are setting on a flat, non-sloped surface.

Athletes who perform non-false grip or “neutral” grip muscle ups will naturally gravitate towards the traditional round shape, which makes up the remaining 50% of the ring’s circumference.  The round shape is more conducive to neutral grip method of muscle ups because it allows for the smoothest rotation of the hand shift during the transition phase.

However, training neutral grip muscle ups on the Rx Box shape portion of the ring will dramatically improve mechanics and timing and cause the athlete to be more committed during the transition phase.  The athlete will be forced to ride their kip higher and drive the elbow flip and hand shift in order to overcome the angles in the ring.  As neutral grip muscle ups become easier for the athlete on the Box shape portion shifting back to the traditional round portion will make the transition feel effortless and accelerated.


*Straps sold separately


Warranty Information

All Rx Smart Gear products have been thoroughly inspected and found to be in proper operating condition upon shipment from the factory and are warranted to be free from any defect in workmanship and material that may develop within 60 days from date of purchase. Any item, part or parts that prove defective within 60 days shall be replaced without charge providing such defect, in our opinion, is due to faulty material or workmanship and not caused by tampering, abuse, misapplication or improper use. The purchaser takes full responsibility to return the product back to Rx Smart Gear, Inc. for inspection and/or repairs. Any alterations of the product made by anyone other than Rx Smart Gear renders this warranty null and void. ***All sales are final.***



  • 5
    Great rings

    Posted by Mark on 23rd May 2022

    These are my first rings and I really like the two sided grip. Somtimes the normal round grip feels better and for some exercise it feels more natural to use the square side. It's great having the flexibility.

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