Rotational Trainers

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Product Description

Rx Rotational Trainers

-    The Rx Rotational Trainers are an advancement of the old fashion “Speed Ball” concept by using air resistance to teach proper rotation mechanics for turning a jump rope.

-    The Trainers allow the user to simulate the turning of a jump rope without the worry of tripping or catching the rope on their feet.  This affords consistent practice of ideal mechanics to engrain healthy movement patterns.

-    Users will instantly identify dominant vs. non-dominant hand as well as any position imbalances.

-    The Rx Rotational Trainers utilize air resistance to force the user to adapt and develop efficiency in their motor skills.

-    Rotational Trainers make an effective scaled movement for injured or Adaptive athletes who can’t jump or newer athletes who need a jump rope scale.

-    One size fits all. Knots can be added or subtracted to customize the length.

-    One set includes 2 trainers 34” in length.




Warranty Information

All Rx Smart Gear products have been thoroughly inspected and found to be in proper operating condition upon shipment from the factory and are warranted to be free from any defect in workmanship and material that may develop within 60 days from date of purchase. Any item, part or parts that prove defective within 60 days shall be replaced without charge providing such defect, in our opinion, is due to faulty material or workmanship and not caused by tampering, abuse, misapplication or improper use. The purchaser takes full responsibility to return the product back to Rx Smart Gear, Inc. for inspection and/or repairs. Any alterations of the product made by anyone other than Rx Smart Gear renders this warranty null and void. Warranty period does not start until the date of delivery. ***All sales are final.***



  • 5
    Rotational Trainers

    Posted by Billie Pippenger on 24th Mar 2022

    Great product

  • 5
    Rotational Trainers

    Posted by Billie Pippenger on 24th Mar 2022

    Great product

  • 5
    Rotational Trainers

    Posted by Billie Pippenger on 24th Mar 2022

    Great product

  • 5
    These were the breakthrough I needed to finally get my dubs.

    Posted by Stacie on 17th Oct 2020

    For years I had been trying to get consistent double unders and could not figure out how. When I finally started to consistently use these trainers I overcame the imbalanced wrist rotation-ability of my left wrist compared to my right wrist and built up the forearm strength to be ready to finally string sets of double unders together consistently. I started with single rotations only (no jumping), nice and slow, and built to big unbroken sets of 500+ spins. Then added speed and rebuilt to 500+ spins and reparares the process until I was spinning fast enough to try double spins. When I got to 100+ unbroken double spins, I started adding jumps. When I could do 100+ double spin jumps, I transferred to the jump rope and my dubs were revolutionized.

  • 5
    Great alternative for jumping rope.

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Apr 2016

    My home gym has a low ceiling which prevents me from jumping rope inside. This product solves that and is a great sub for jumping rope. The weighted ends add resistance over traditional jump rope. Highly recommended This product. Cost is higher than other speed trainknf balls but this one adds resistance and you always get what you pay for.

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