Standard Replacement Cables for Gym Package- 10 cables

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Replacement Cables for the Rx Gym Package (set of 10 cables)

If you previouslly purchased a Gym Package before October 20, 2016 you will also need to add the Sizing Chart and LogoTape to upgrade your current Gym Package to fit these ropes.

Please contact customer service if you have any question. 619-655-3960 or


Over 40% off the Retail price. Reduced price to help gym owners replace worn cables.


     10 Replacement Cables in the following sizes

  • 1- 7'10" Pink Cable
  • 1- 8'0"   Teal Cable
  • 1- 8'2"   Yellow Cable
  • 1- 8'4"   Green Cable
  • 1- 8'6"   Red Cable
  • 1- 8'8"   White Cable
  • 1- 8'10" Orange Cable
  • 1- 9'0"   Blue Cable
  • 1- 9'2"   Gray Cable
  • 1- 9'4"   Black Cable

Sizing Chart and LogoTape (option +$10.00)

  • One Rx Gym Package Sizing Chart with new lengths
  • 20 Sizing LogoTape (enough for 20 Rx Jump Ropes)


When purchasing this item please choose a either Buff 3.4 or Elite 2.6 Cable Weight.  If you currently have a 20 rope Gym Package please place a Quantity of 2 into your cart to receive enough cables to replace your full gym package.  If you need to replace a 20 rope package with Sizing Chart and LogoTape, place one set with sizing chart and logotape in your cart then add another set without sizing chart and logotape to your cart to receive enough cable for your 20 rope gym package.

*No changes can be made in the Cable Lengths or Colors of this Replacement Cable package.


Warranty Information

All Rx Smart Gear products have been thoroughly inspected and found to be in proper operating condition upon shipment from the factory and are warranted to be free from any defect in workmanship and material that may develop within 60 days from date of purchase. Any part or parts of the jump rope that prove defective within 60 days shall be replaced without charge providing such defect, in our opinion, is due to faulty material or workmanship and not caused by tampering, abuse, misapplication or improper use. Using an Rx Jump Rope on concrete, asphalt, dirt, gravel or any other abrasive surface will automatically void the Manufacturer's Warranty. The purchaser takes full responsibility to return the product back to Rx Smart Gear, Inc. for inspection and/or repairs. Any alterations of the product made by anyone other than Rx Smart Gear renders this warranty null and void. Warranty period does not start until the date of delivery. *Color Disclaimer* Despite every effort to accurately duplicate each product's color when reproduced to our website, actual colors may vary. Due to monitor and/or video card differences, subtle variations in color and surface texture may not be fully revealed. Again, these are custom products and CANNOT be returned. Therefore you need to be certain that any slight variations occurring between the actual color, and the representation on our website, will be acceptable. Cable colors can vary within cable weights of the same color due to differences in the thickness of the outer coating. *Cable Disclaimer* Jump rope cables will wear out over time and will need to be replaced. Cable lifespan will vary depending on jumping surface, volume of use, technique and other factors. ***All sales are final.***


  • 5
    Great ropes for our gym

    Posted by Mark on 2nd Mar 2023

    We've used the gym package for our CrossFit gym for several years now. Great product, and very happy with it. Every 3 years or so we replace the cables to keep them fresh and looking good.

  • 5
    Quality affordable ropes!

    Posted by Sarah on 21st May 2021

    Love these packages. Affordable, durable, and convenient sizes. We love these for our CrossFit gym.

  • 4
    Our choice for our Box

    Posted by CrossFit Across on 2nd Apr 2019

    Very happy with Rx Smart Gear. We renewed our gym ropes and have been using them for 3 years now. The only negative from a few years ago is the cable weight options for the Gym Package are now reduced to Buff or Elite and I would have liked to be able to purchase a different (thinner) one. On the positive side, the extended selection of lengths.

  • 5
    My go-to recommendation

    Posted by Casey on 12th Jul 2017

    I've owned my RX Smart Gear system for 3 years now, and they still perform just as good as the day they arrived. I have 3 separate replacement cables so that I can train in different weights for single under's and double under's. After use in the gym for multiple WOD's over the past 3 years, all are in fantastic condition and have performed better than any alternative out there, in my opinion. I have, and will continue to recommend this system as the best option for all levels of athletes who use Jump Ropes in their respective training. They just don't get better than what RX Smart Gear offers :-)

  • 5
    Best Ropes Out There

    Posted by Jeremy Evans on 12th Feb 2017

    This is our second set. The first ones lasted us two years. Many of our athletes have ordered thier own from here after using our set. Great ropes with great durability.

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