Alec Smith Grips 2.0

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Product Description

The world’s most comfortable free finger grips just got better.  Games Athlete Alec Smith designed the original Alec Smith Grip 1.0 which eliminated the finger holes and changed the grip game forever.  Enjoy the smoothest transitions with the flap over and go style of bar work.  Now the new and improved Alec Smith 2.0 grip provides even more palm protection with half an inch longer and quarter of an inch wider in every size. The addition of the Finger Flares makes for easier indexing when mounting the pull up bar.  The neoprene cushion is now permanently affixed to the wrist strap eliminating a lot of bulkiness around the wrist. And the game changing elastic grip keeper is readily available for when you want to tuck your grips out of the way. Now your grippy workouts got that much better when you’re using the all new Alec Smith 2.0 Grips!

Now comes with the all new RXSG mesh bag with a carabiner to clip onto your gym bag. Let your grips air dry without stinking up your entire gym bag.


* When measuring hand, use a ruler, start at the base of the palm and measure to the bottom of the middle finger with your hand as flat as possible. 

** If you're right on the cusp of one of the sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size.

*** Due to the nature of natural fibers used, colors and texture may vary.



Warranty Information

All Rx Smart Gear products have been thoroughly inspected and found to be in proper operating condition upon shipment from the factory and are warranted to be free from any defect in workmanship and material that may develop within 60 days from date of purchase. Any item, part or parts that prove defective within 60 days shall be replaced without charge providing such defect, in our opinion, is due to faulty material or workmanship and not caused by tampering, abuse, misapplication or improper use. The purchaser takes full responsibility to return the product back to Rx Smart Gear, Inc. for inspection and/or repairs. Any alterations of the product made by anyone other than Rx Smart Gear renders this warranty null and void. ***All sales are final.***



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    AS Grips 2.0

    Posted by Gabriel on 3rd Aug 2022

    I was really excited to try the fingerless grips and they boosted such great reviews but I've been disappointed to say the least. The Pros: The wrist strap is one piece with the grip and thick. The grip itself is thick and protects your hands from ripping more than other grips I've used. I also liked not having my fingers stuck in a grip-hole when transitioning to DU's. The Cons: The grips are very slippery and any chalk on them or on the rig makes them much worse. I thought over time and use/wear they would get better but it's been over 2 months now and I'd almost rather go bare-handed. If I can find a chalk-less spot on the rig they hold well but is near impossible to get both hands chalk free (one was almost slipping while the other held firm in the crevice of the rig). While I liked the free fingers design I was having to grip the rig so much harder to stay on and fatigued way faster with these than other brand grips. Tried BMU's and I nearly slipped off the rig with these bad boys. They work alright for kipping pull-ups but nothing high rep. Even c2b/t2b I felt I was fighting to not fall off the bar after 3-5 reps. Maybe if your rig is chalk-free they'd hold better but I have yet to do a full WOD with these and feel the grip stayed solid. Overall, they look neat but didn't provided the quality/stability I'd expected from a Games-Athlete endorse product.

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    Love my Alex Smith wodies

    Posted by Mike Fry on 2nd Jul 2022

    I have owned several different kinds of wodies. And these are by far the best wodies made. They hold together very well and the Velcro sticks and stays in place. I love love love them!!!

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    Great grips

    Posted by JJ Leon on 26th Feb 2022

    Comfy, fit well, 10/10 would recommend

  • 5
    Great grips

    Posted by JJ Leon on 26th Feb 2022

    Comfy, fit well, 10/10 would recommend

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    Rx Smart Gear Alec Smith grips + customer service

    Posted by Matthew Cornetti on 14th Feb 2022

    Most versatile grips on the market!! I damaged one of the grips and contacted support to purchase just one! They replaced my grip free of charge!

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