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Congratulations! You have just purchased your New Rx Jump Rope and your ready to RX your double unders. But before we get into the techniques in mastering the double under,  let’s start by discussing the proper maintenance of your new rope.   We want your jump ropes to last, so here are four basic tips that will help your jump rope to have a long and healthy life.

  1. For optimum performance and to extend the life of your Rx Jump Rope, avoid using on concrete, asphalt, dirt, gravel or any other abrasive surface. Ideal surfaces are gymnasium floors, rubber coated/ matted floors, or PVC matting. We also suggest the Rx Jumping Mat
  2. Inspect your cable rope for tears in the covering. If any tears are noticed or wire cable is exposed, cease use immediately.
  3. Save the plastic cable ties that came with your Rx Jump Rope and after each use, wrap your Rx Jump Rope in a 6-8 inch diameter circle and clip twist ties to secure your rope. (as shown in the picture) 
  4. NEVER bend, kink, or tie your Rx Jump Rope in a knot. Doing so will drastically reduce its efficiency and life span.

CARE INSTRUCTION - How to Store your Rx Jump Rope Properly: ||The best way to store your Rx rope is to leave one handle on the ground and roll it up like a garden hose.  A 6 to 7 inch diameter is the recommended size roll. Your Rx handle is about about 6 inches long so you can use it as a measuring stick. Once rolled up apply each of the twist ties that came with your Rx rope near each handle and twist to lock them in.  Then lay the handles across the cable and pop it in your Rx bag. Show your Rx rope love and it will love you back for many wods to come.||