Best Fitness Gifts for Men in 2021: Expert Advice

Best Fitness Gifts for Men in 2021: Expert Advice

Billy Brown | Gear Hungry on 18th Mar 2021

Best Fitness Gifts for Men in 2021: Expert Advice

Finding the best fitness gifts for men can be a challenge, but with working out at home becoming the norm for more and more people, stocking up on home fitness gear is a great way to spoil a fitness-lover.

Whether your target works out in a garage or spare room, there is an overwhelming amount of gear out there, like space-saving adjustable dumbbells and speed ropes to punching bags, kettlebells, and rowing machines. Even though they’ve been harder to find lately, there is still a variety of great options on the market.

In addition to tools to help them work out, recovery aids are also excellent gifts for sporty guys. These can be as complex as percussion massagers and e-stim units or as simple as foam rollers and lacrosse balls. Recovery tools are an excellent way to ease soreness and speed up recovery between workouts. They go a long way to prevent overuse injuries like tennis elbow, shoulder pain, and tendonitis.

We paired our in-house tester’s extensive health and human fitness background with hands-on experimentation and quality research. We scoured the internet and spent countless hours in the gym, on the road, and recovering at home to find the best fitness gifts for men.

We put a mountain of gear through the wringer, from workout equipment and recovery tools to the most comfortable and supportive apparel. Here’s what gear stood up to the tests and rose to the top of our list.

Best Jump Rope: Rx Smart Gear EVO G2 Speed Rope

For people who use jump ropes in their gym routine, a good speed rope is essential. And the EVO 2 Speed Rope from RX Smart Gear is the fastest, most well-built rope on the market.

The dual-bearing swivel assembly gives this rope an almost friction-free spin and excellent speed during jumps. For precise rope control, the machined aerospace-grade aluminum handles are designed with a pinch grip and sport aggressive knurling and rubber traction bands. Also, each EVO G2 Speed Rope comes with a custom carrying case to keep your rope organized and prevent tangling in your gym bag.

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