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Prescribed For the Functional Athlete

Cussing and Tripping.

I first walked into CrossFit East County in early 2008 and like a lot of other people’s first CrossFit workout found myself gasping for air and rolling in a pool of my own sweat.  I knew at that moment I was hooked on functional fitness for life.  Like many other people, I soon found myself struggling horribly with double unders.  It was one of those movements that just did not come naturally.   I experimented with every wire speed rope, leather rope, beaded rope and flimsy licorice rope yet encountered the same inconsistency, whip marks and constant frustration.  It was always hop, hop, trip, cuss then repeat.  Not to mention I could find no standard regarding the correct jump rope length or the proper jump rope technique and mechanics I should be practicing for functional fitness.


Making Discoveries.

It finally occurred to me that none of those jump ropes were developed specifically to meet the needs of the functional athlete.  I used my years of coaching gymnastics and analytical observation to dissect what occurs during high intensity, functional workouts.  I then began developing a set of common sense principles, known as The Rx Method, to help construct the basis for the jump rope I needed to master this movement.  The primary characteristics I wanted in my jump rope were ideal ergonomics for a natural grip, durability so it could stand up to the beating in the gym and reliability so that it would deliver consistent performance time after time. I needed a jump rope that would not come apart in the middle of a work out or competition, would not change lengths regardless of speed and would maintain a consistent arc.  The Rx Jump Rope was conceived and developed specifically to support these ideals and selfishly to make me a better athlete.


Solving the Problem.

I started by developing the Rx Sizing Standard to create a reference point for the rope size to incite good posture and enable proper mechanics.  Next was finding the most ergonomic handles that felt natural in my hands and similar to other objects in the gym such as a barbell, dumbbell, kettle bell, pull up bar etc.  Wrapping the handles with non-slip tape grip allowed the surest hold with the least amount of grip pressure reducing forearm fatigue.  The non-adjustable cable and high-speed swivel integration prevents any possibility of mechanical failure during training or competition.  Our 6 cable weight options provide the opportunity to find the right amount of resistance to develop rope awareness and timing.  Once you reach a higher skill level the 6 cable weight options provide a nice mixture of resistance and tempos to keep your training constantly varied.  From our lightest fastest Rx Speed Rope the Hyper 1.3, to our heaviest, toughest Rx Training Rope the Zues 8.6 you'll have everything you'll need to Elevate Your Fitness. Finally, the multitude of handle and cable color options provide a myriad of customizable solutions for the fashion conscious athlete.


Unlikely Pioneer.

I am moved beyond comprehension that something I created out of a selfish desire to become a better athlete has become a global phenomenon and is recognized as a world leader in the functional fitness community.  This amazing support has inspired Rx Smart Gear to pioneer and patent several more innovations and will continue to find creative solutions to everyday fitness problems.   I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing Rx Smart Gear and Rx Jump Ropes to help Elevate Your Fitness.



David Newman