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Buff 3.4 Replacement Cable

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  • Cable Colors: Black, Clear, Blue, Blue Translucent, Purple, Green Translucent, Neon Green, Red, Red Translucent, Yellow, Neon Yellow, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Gray, White
4.00 Ounces
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Product Description

Buff 3.4 – Aircraft grade cable with PVC coating.  Our second to heaviest cable weighing 3.4 ounces per 9 foot length (excluding handles).  Our Dual Threat cable which provides tremendous feedback allowing the athlete to jump with a broader range of tempos from very slow to super fast.  Ideal for beginners to gain a better feel for timing while jumping at slower tempos.  Also a fantastic training cable for advanced jumpers looking for greater resistance and intensity in their training.
Available in the following colors:
Black, Clear, Blue, Blue Translucent, Purple, Green Translucent, Neon Green, Red, Red Translucent, Yellow, Neon Yellow, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Gray, White

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Product Reviews

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  1. Good heavy cable

    Posted by Gaylen on 24th Oct 2014

    Good heavy cable. I used this to replace my 2.6 cable. With the new handles, this spins pretty quick. So, when it hits your bare skin, be prepared for pain.

  2. Finally getting the hang of these DUs!

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Jul 2014

    glad i finally broke down and bought a RX smart gear rope. Slowly getting the hang of these DUs and the Buff cable is definitely helping.

  3. best entry level cable

    Posted by taylor dreps on 24th Jul 2014

    My first rope was a spealler speed rope (mainly due to price and that I am a loyal rogue customer). I got up to stringing 20 DUs together, took a few months off during a move and transition period, and totally lost that ability. Fast forward, I bought an RX rope after seeing an instagram post from Neal Maddox (it looked cool and I learned about the system of the different weights/skill level req's of each cable). The Buff cable has allowed me to slow down the tempo of DU's and really focus on positioning as well as develop that fast twitch, cardio based volume again.

    All in all a wonderful system, cable, and rope! I also have a 2.6 Elite that I am working my way towards. This is by far the best investment and system you can have to progress in DU's!

  4. Making DU easier

    Posted by Marine1barnes@gmail.com on 14th Jun 2014

    I have been struggling with double understand and finding a rope that I can manage. The buff cable gives you total control over the speed of your rope reducing the amount of whip marks and increasing the amount of double understand I can string together. If you are debating this purchase, suck it up and spend the money. You will be happy you did.

Showing reviews 1-4 of 29 | Next

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Any part or parts of the jump rope that prove defective within 60 days shall be replaced without charge providing such defect, in our opinion, is due to faulty material or workmanship and not caused by tampering, abuse, misapplication or improper use.

Using your Rx Jump Rope on concrete, asphalt, dirt, gravel or any other abrasive surface will automatically void the Manufacturer's Warranty.

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